Qom Irib University
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Mission and Goals Qom irib university

Mission Qom irib university

sophisticated man-power's scientific and artistic training-searching in theoretical and artistic issue of media in order to providing an examplere of communication and religious media-discharge of arbitrator role between theological school and media-making suitable atmosphere and equipment for taking research, artistic and produced skills in media in order to facing with west's of media and cultural offensive.

      General duty-providing necessary condition for attracting and nurture that one need for Islamic media from among seminarians and scholars of theological school-using of huge room of scientific, research and educational that theological school has in order to man power training-spreading artistic chapters in media among seminarians and scholars of theological school of county-producing opinions and patterns of designing, placing and effectiveness of media Islamic and revolution rate.

vista with favers of god, Radio and Television collage of qom as an unique religious and scientific source for engaged and specialist man power training in order to reaching to Islamic media will take the place with these asset in Radio and Television organization during next ten years (2018):-engoying from continuous competitive asset between higher education centers of sciences and skill of religion and media scope in internal, regional and international level-engoyin of specialist educateds who are engaged in scope of managing and sciences and skill of religion and media-engoying of scientific and religion authority in media and communication-engoying from dynamic and research are and realistic educational system-being producer of opinions and patterns of designing, placing and effectiveness of media Islamic and revolution rate.-engoying from effective educational and research cooperation with other intercal, regional and international scientific and educational of media and religious sciences centers engoying of rich and valuable capacity of theological school and circle of attachment and transportation of this capacity in scope of religion and media to international media-engoying from well-balanced combination of matters and first researchers of sciences and skills of religion and media in international level-strategic center for man power training that are need for religion and international religious Radio and Television channels.