Qom Irib University
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Of view of nobles

Of view of nobles Qom irib university

The place that you are working there, the future of radio and Television will make there" "every idea, thought and revolution that can' take a place in art, wouldn't be eternal" "There is no doubt that artistic instrument are most silver-tongued and most diligent instrument for massage aviso and advertising" "If media's program making be according to religious, morality and eminence, defiantly human's position will become more better than now"
Revolution's Magnificent Leader

The art repairs the missing annulations that "means it's jump dais from feeling to wisdom and also it's demotion dais from wisdom to feeling.
It's a feat that man can change tangible subject to logical one. Buff Tabatabgi nearly was successful in this issue. He wrote ALMIZAN with one style and religious training book for collage's student with another"
AYATOLLAH javadi amli (in his meeting with student)

"In this center (Radio and Television collage), it's possible to lead the world, and we can transport Islamic education around the world. If it happens, we would be proud of it.

"We should understand the situation, we have very difficult duty I seriously say to you brothers, and it's not just about you, thank god you are at the right direction, it's because you are in qom. Qom is really the spiritual capital of our revolution, from here Islamic issue should be transported around the world, and it's people's expectation too.